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Whether it is a large commercial dispute or a small claim between private individuals, we can assist you in protecting and asserting your rights.

Company & Commercial Law

Our expertise covers large and complex business transactions such as mergers & acquisitions, as well as establishment of companies, insolvency and winding up. We also provide advice in relation to corporate governance.

Whether buying or selling a home, entering into a commercial lease or wanting guidance in relation to taxation issues, we can provide expert advice and guide you through the process. We also manage property disputes and rights in relation to land, such as easements.

Property Law and Conveyancing
Aviation Law

With members of our team having expertise in aeronautical engineering, we are well equipped to assist with all aviation law matters including commercial dealings, compliance, accident investigation and litigation.

Migration & Visas

Our experts will guide you through the visa application process. We handle all manner of visa applications and appeals, in particular partner visas, work visas, student visas and business & investment visas.

Family Law

Divorce and separation are a difficult time. We will assist you in looking after the best interests of your children and working through a property settlement and/or divorce process, and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

Employment Law

We are experienced in acting for both employers and employees. We can provide advice and assistance on a wide range of employment law matters. In particular, we specialise in contractual disputes and drafting and unfair dismissal.

It is important to protect your intellectual property from risk. Along with patents, copyrights and trademarks, we also specialise in circuit layout rights and plant breeders rights.

Intellectual Property

SEH has extensive experience in acting for numerous and varied parties in international commercial transactions. 


Members of our legal team have been involved in the negotiation and drafting of numerous (in excess of one hundred) commercial contracts involving parties from two or more countries.  These contracts include but are not limited to:

  • high technology design, development and production;

  • supply and/or purchase agreements;

  • goods and service-type contracts including the supply and/or purchase of engineering or construction goods and services;

  • consultancy service agreements as agent for clients;

  • operating and syndicate joint venture agreements including high technology construction, product manufacture, deployment and supply; and

  • financing agreements.


We are competent in reviewing technical specifications to assist our client in ensuring that precise agreement could be met in complex contracts. The above contracting works have involved countries including but not limited to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine and the Solomon Islands. 


We are experienced in protecting the interest of our client in cross-border commercial transaction. Relevant factors include (but not limited to):

  • foreign currency risk and payment,

  • issues of jurisdiction,

  • ensuring performance is guaranteed,

  • identifying and assessing risk factors of the contract,

  • intellectual property rights and transfer,

  • quality assurance,

  • control and risk management, and

  • the application of relevant international trade agreement


SEH is well equipped and most capable of advising in matters of international commercial contracting.  We have extensive experience and endeavour to keep informed and up to date in this area of law.   We take pride in advising our clients in such matters and look forward to assisting further clients in the future.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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